Jail Break - Code 9 is the Ultimate in escape games! The game takes place in a REAL medieval type historic Jail that was built in 1876!

About Our Themes

Our games / themes are not children friendly. No one under the age of 13 permitted to attend any of our games. If you want to bring your child who is under the age of 13, you will be required to buy the entire session. You may find some of our themes to be of a disturbing nature. You may find yourself in uncomfortable situations. You may be separated from your group, chained, shackled and or handcuffed. You may be subjected to low light conditions, strobe lighting or colored lighting.  Our games are not for the faint of heart and depending on the theme, they may be down right scary. All staff will be in costume according to the theme, however none of our staff will touch you or hide and try to scare you during game play, this is an escape game not a haunted house attraction.

Current Themes
New themes are added once a month, some themes may repeat in the future.

  • August 2017 - The Mad Scientist:
    Dr. Rubenstein's Human Experiments
    In 1969, Dr. Rubenstein was a successful scientist working for a secret branch of the government, developing components for chemical and viral warfare. While working for the government, Dr. Rubenstein was taking notes of many classified operations and started to work on some experiments of his own that was not known to, or authorized by the government. When the government learned of Dr. Rubenstein's secret experiments, they ordered him to halt his experiments and destroy all his work. The mad Dr. refused and one night packed up all his research and disappeared. While on the run, Dr. Rubenstein stumbled upon a small abandoned town, Paulding, Ohio. He set up his new secret research lab in the Old Paulding County Jail, where he has been capturing people traveling through the area, locking them in the jail cells and performing his experiments on them. Dr. Rubenstein's plan is to build his own controlled army and take over the world. In his attempt on human testing, the virus was causing gene mutations in the people he injected. He noticed the people were taking on the characteristics of zombies, without the lust for human flesh for survival. The zombies had massive strength for a short period of time before dying. The mad Dr. uses those zombies to capture travelers before they weaken and die, so he has new test subjects. Escape Dr. Rubenstein and his mutant zombies before he injects you with his experimental virus!
    Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in. Your lock down will start promptly at booking time chosen. You will have 60 minutes to escape.

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  • September 2017 - 187  Construction Company:
    Interviews with Butch
    You find yourself between jobs and you answer a help wanted ad under Construction Job Offerings in the Paulding Newspaper. The job offering stated that you would make an hourly wage that would make all your financial problems disappear!  During the interview process, each applicant is taken to a different part of the Old Paulding Jail where their possible new job will take place. You are now at the interview, as the interview room door closes, you hear a thud, and a sound as if something hit the floor and is being dragged away. Finally it's your turn. You follow Butch out of the room. No sooner than the door closes, you are struck in the back of the head. You later wake up in a cell, handcuffed to the cold iron bars of the Old Paulding Jail. What will your fate be? Escape and become one of the highest paid laborers or remain within the walls of The Old Paulding Jail Dungeon as a corpse.
    A minimum of 2 players is needed to play this game. Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in. Your lock down will start promptly at booking time chosen. You will have 60 minutes to escape.
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  • October 2017 - Big Top Circus:
    P.J. Cunningham is the 5th generation owner of Big Top Circus and features himself as The Ringmaster. His family had purchased the Old Paulding Jail years ago and used it as living quarters for their side show performers.
    Business was going great for P.J. and his Big Top Circus, that is, until, World's Greatest Circus came to town. World's Greatest Circus is owned by Oliver Sweeney who also features himself as the ringmaster. World's Greatest Circus soon became the attraction to see with their amazing death defying acts and new shocking side show follies. 
    P.J. Cunningham's Big Top Circus could not compete with World's Greatest Circus, as his acts were lacking and soon P.J. was faced with the reality that his Big Top Circus was nearing bankruptcy.
    So P.J. hashed a plan to regain his spot as the top attraction to see, by adding a Secret Axe performance using Jake, his knife thrower, who had no experience throwing axes. Since P.J. was no longer bringing in the cash, he couldn't hire new performers for the Secret Axe performance. P.J. decided to send out some of his loyal side show
    performers to kidnap Oliver Sweeney's top act performers, and bring them back to the Old Paulding Jail, where they would be used as target practice for Jake and his Secret Axe performance.
    You are one of Oliver Sweeney's kidnapped top performers. You, along with the other top kidnapped performers must escape the Old Paulding Jail before Jake's next Secret Axe performance or you could be facing your demise at The Big Top Circus.
    Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in. Your lock down will start promptly at booking time chosen. You will have 60 minutes to escape.

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  • November 2017 - The Barker Crime Family:
    Revenge of the Barker Mob
    In September of 1994, Paulding's most feared organized crime family, the Barkers, were captured while robbing the Paulding Eccono Bank. The trial was swift and sentencing was just, life with out parole to be carried out in the old Paulding County Jail. While setting in their cells for a few years, the Barkers hashed  a plan to strangle the night shift jailer and take over the jail. The Barker organized crime family is now in control of the jail and taking revenge by holding some of the towns people captive for torture and finally execution. Escape before they take revenge on you!
    Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in. Your lock down will start promptly at booking time chosen. You will have 60 minutes to escape.

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